consulate.Here, at last, was a▓ man.The dull natives with their slips▓hod mental habits had given me far less inform▓ation in four days

than I gained ●from a five-minute interview with this alert E▓nglishman.He was none the less certain than▓ they, however, that the overland journey was i▓mpossible at that season.Late repor▓ts from the Waters of Meron announ▓ced the route utterly impassable. T▓he consul was a director of ●the Beirut-Damascus line.Railway direct▓ors in Asia Minor have, evident▓ly, special privileges.For the English

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erging footpaths.The one I chose led ●over undulating

Nicole Kidman Leland Orser Henry Cavill Andres Gertrudix Justin Biber

sand dunes whe●re the misfit shoes that I had picked up● in a pawn shop of Beirut soon fi

Nicole Kidman -maker, ap

lled to overfl▓owing.I swung them over a sh▓oulder and plodded on barefooted.▓ A roaring brook blocked the way.I crossed● it by climbing a willow on one bank and

Leland Orser parently

swing▓ing into the branches of ano●ther opposite, and plunged into● another wilderness of sand. Towards dusk I▓ cam

Henry Cavill , had in

e upon a peasant’s cottage on a tiny p●lain and halted for water.A youth in t●he Sultan’s crazy quilt, sitting on the wel●l curb, brought me a basinful.I had

Andres Gertrudix dulged i

star▓ted on again when a voice rang out behind me,  癜Hé! D’où est-ce que vous venez O&▓ugrave; est-ce que vous allez” In th●e doorway of the hov

Justin Biber n a practi
ca▓l joke at my

el stood a slatte●rnly woman of some fifty years of age.I menti▓oned

my nationality. “Americ▓an” cried the feminine scarecro●w, this time in English, as ▓she rushed out upon me, “My God!▓ You American Me American, t●oo! My God!” Th


  • expense.A caravan track ▓there was beyond the last wretch●ed hovel, a track that showed fo●r
  • miles across the bleak country.But though it▓ might have taken me to Bagdad or the
  • steppe▓s of Siberia, it certainly di▓d not lead to the land of the chosen people▓. I turn
  • ed and trotted back to the city,● cheered on by the anticipation o●f such a fire as roar
  • s up the ch●imneys of American homes on the memorable days o●f the first snow.The anticipati


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